Thursday, June 21, 2007

Final blog post

I've really enjoyed working with each of you this week. Our conversations, sharing and discoveries have helped wrap up one year while bringing a great focus to the upcoming fall. I hope everyone has the opportunity to continue the sharing and learning both with their students and with colleagues. And I hope everyone who has learned about problem solving this week first-hand can reflect on that learning, perhaps analyze the processes at work in finding solutions, and find ways to help their students become the kind of critical thinkers who can solve the problems they will invariably encounter. Remember that it's not about technology; it's all about learning to learn. Thanks for learning with all of us this week.

On the road....



Anonymous said...

Thank you, Steve. After years of knowing about you, I have finally spent a week learning with you. It has been a very helpful course. I will think of you as I apply the learning during this summer and next year.

Anonymous said...

This has been a wonderful week. I never thought that I would learn as much as I did. Hopefully, follow-up sessions will be offered to maintain and continue what we have learned.


Anonymous said...
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